Each of our pieces are handmade. Any imperfections are characteristics of their artisanal nature. Different factors can influence the condition and vulnerability of our pieces. We recommend that you properly clean, polish and store your jewelry to ensure its long-lasting wear. 


Most of our products are made with natural materials, making them delicate in nature. Protect your jewelry by storing each piece individually in a pouch to avoid scratching, tangling or breakage. Always store your jewelry with care.


All accessories are vulnerable to absorbing dirt, chipping and life’s experiences. Protect your pieces by avoiding extreme temperatures, clonking, scratches and harsh chemicals to reduce damage or wear. Proper care should be in mind when wearing plated jewelry and delicate materials.


Although gold filled and other plated materials are durable and tarnish resistant, it may still get soiled. Preserve your accessories’ gold layer and prolong its shine by periodically cleaning each piece and avoiding substances that aren’t considered PH neutral. We advise keeping your pieces away from freshwater, sea water and chlorinated water. Avoid spraying perfumes, applying creams or other liquids directly onto your jewelry. Also, remember to remove before exercising and sleeping.